Wednesday 18 November 2009

That was fun while it lasted

My local Sainsbury's seem to have realised that they're making a mistake selling Fuller's Vintage at £1.99 a bottle. It's gone up to £3.29, and it isn't included in their current '4 for 3' offer.

So it's a good job I got my favourite brother in law five bottles last week :-)


  1. Oh bummer, I was after 12 of them. They don't have it up here in Cumbria.

  2. I'm glad I bought a few at £1.99 too! I couldn't get too many though as I grabbed the last ones on the shelf. Nevermind. But £3.29 and a 4 for 3 still isn't too bad!!

  3. It's a shame Booths don't included it in their excellent selection Dave.