Thursday 21 January 2010

Death draws closer...

I've moved nearer to death now. A third of a percent nearer in fact.

No, it's not the latest scare story about booze, it's that I've had another beer from 300 Beers to Try Before You Die. I must be at least half dead now.

Rogue Shakespeare's Stout was the culprit. A strong, smooth stout with typically American citrus flavour from the hops. I don't really think the combination worked, not that I didn't finish the bottle mind. I just think the flavours seemed to clash making a beer somehow less than the sum of its parts. 


  1. Uh oh! You don't tick them off do you?

    I don't really enjoy stouts with c-hops. I've had a few great ones but I think there is a big flavour clash between roasty-bitter and citrusy-bitter.

    How's the new job going?

  2. Yeah Mark has a good point but when I tried the stuff back in California a few years back I thought it was great stuff.

  3. Mark, what part of beer nerd don't you understand? ;-) I must admit I have gone off the idea a bit as although Protz knows his British beers some of his foreign selections are a bit uninspired.

    And yes, the stout and c-hop combination just doesn't work. Though I suppose if you're actually in California at the time it might be different!

    The jobs going well so far, though there's been more stuff to get sorted than I expected. If my malt and hops delivery arrives as promised tomorrow I'll be on brewing on Monday. :-)

  4. Good to hear! And good luck with the first brew - I hope you will make it a special one!

    When you get a bit more sorted let me know and I'd like to come over and have a look. Actually... when the beer is sorted, then I'll come look (and taste)!

  5. I think c-hops in dark beer work if you think "bitter chocolate orange" rather than (as Ron Pattinson always says) grapefruit and coffee.

  6. Bailey: OK, I'll try thinking "bitter chocolate orange" next time I come across a citrus flavoured stout but I still can't help but think that some flavour combinations just don't work.

    Mark: it will probably be a few weeks until we're sorted at the brewery but I'll keep you posted.