Friday 29 January 2010

More from the miserable puritans

The puritanical health lobby were polluting the airwaves again this morning. There was I merrily driving down to the brewery listening to radio four, when at just before seven Professor Henry Brubaker of the Institute of Studies came on rail against booze again.

Actually it was really a woman whose name escapes me from the Institute of Alcohol Studies, Henry Brubaker the resident expert at the Daily Mash would have talked more sense. She was there to cheer on some new police power to hassle kids out drinking and rant on about how what was really needed was minimum pricing, because doctors support it. Hearing doctors have a go at boozing always gets my goat, as let’s face it they’re hardly an abstemious bunch themselves, and with the money they coin in minimum pricing isn’t going to affect their drinking. The woman insisted this was necessary to stop the ever increasing alcohol consumption.

The fact that alcohol consumption is actually falling, as Pete Brown has explained in great detail, obviously passed her by. But why let facts get in the way of a moral crusade?


  1. Where you're going wrong mate is in listening to Radio 4. Put a bit of sugababes on the ipod and you're away.

  2. It would probably help my blood pressure.

  3. The soi-disant "Institute of Alcohol Studies" is a direct descendant, quite literally, from the old United Kingdom Alliance, the biggest of the temperance organisations,and it's about time more people were told of their barely hidden agenda,