Wednesday 12 January 2011

Fuller's "Past Masters" XX

It's been a while since I've been this excited about a beer. I love beer history so when I heard a historical beer was being revived by the combined efforts of one of my favourite breweries and one of my favourite beer bloggers I couldn't wait to try it.

When I finally got to the brewery shop I had a slightly circuitous route home which ruled out guzzling the beer immediately but the next day I was ready to try it.

The beer poured an amber colour, with a good head and the araldite like Fuller's yeast stays safely on the bottom of the bottle.

The taste is, as was claimed on the video, definitely a bit different. There's a subtle aroma of orange with a bitter, slightly astringent taste, with some sweetness in the background and surprisingly easy drinking. The beer it most reminds me of is, perhaps unsurprisingly, Fuller's 1845. The XX is lighter in body though, despite its higher strength. This gives the beer that dangerous Duvel like quality of going down far too quickly, so don't forget it's 7.5% ABV!

It's not my favourite beer from Fuller's, but I've been impressed by the effort they've put into making it, and I've enjoyed drinking it so I'll no doubt be scurrying up to Chiswick again when the next beer in the "Past Masters" series appears.

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  1. Will probably crack one of my bottles open at the weekend - can't wait!