Wednesday 5 January 2011

My new drinking hero

Whilst looking through the news on the BBC website one topic in the section on Sudan caught my eye: Gin brewers thrive despite Sharia. In an interesting article I learnt how on the outskirts of Khartoum a drink called araki is made by fermenting dates and then distilling the liquid. This is despite the fact that Sudan is an Islamic country and the usual Sharia punishment for being caught drinking is forty lashes and a fine. Brings a whole new meaning to getting lashed I suppose.

Though some of the boozers didn't want to be photographed one called Maysara insisted on having his picture taken, adding: "I like it, I like drinking - why should I be deprived of drinking?"

So for fearlessly carrying on boozing despite the threat of religious and state authorities here's to you Maysara, my new drinking hero.


  1. Sounds nicer than "craft beer" at any rate.

  2. I suspect that araki is as rough as a badgers arse, but that makes the drinking of it all the more heroic.