Saturday 14 May 2011


If you thought my account of the trade day at BRI was dull you ain't seen nothing yet.

One of the lecturers happened to mention that acetic acid is normally found in beer at a level of 130mg/l. This lead to some hasty calculations shifting decimal places on my part, and as soon as I got home a consultation of my acidity to pH ready reckoner.

130mg/l = 0.13% which give us a pH of 3.82

This fits in well with my previous calculations and gives further confirmation I've got my figures right.


  1. Is that decimal point in the right place? I get 0.013%

    We just bottled some of our old damson beer, it's distinctly tart, with a pH of 3.57.

  2. You're right, I must try not to get over excited when I see things about beer acidity.