Monday, 30 May 2011

The Counter-Reformation has begun!

As a devoted member of the one true catholic and apostolic beer consumers organisation I was delighted to see that part of a speech by His Holiness the CAMRA chairman has been put online. It's a shame the sound's so poor and we only get a selected excerpt, but surely no discerning drinker could fail to agree with the sentiment?

It can't be denied that the blogosphere is riddled with neo-kegist heretics. Those that drink in the way's of righteousness will have been as horrified as me to see many bloggers extolling the 'virtues' of keg beer recently. And as Rob points out CAMRA come in for a lot of stick online, even to the extent that brewers and bar managers will insult their customers if they're CAMRA members.

It's about time the faithful fought back and I'm glad to see the chairman leading the way.


  1. Do you think His Holiness as been advised on the difference between "undergoes secondary fermentation in cask" and "undergoes A secondary fermentation"?

    One for the Jesuits?

  2. Perhaps they technical committee can look into it once they've finished determining how many angels can dance on the head of a pint.

  3. And there was me thinking you were being serious Ed. (-;

  4. As you said Tandleman it was much ado about nothing so not one for a serious post.