Thursday 28 July 2011

Anhydrous brewing

We brewed without water today. But your friend may say: "Surely that's impossible, isn't water one of the main ingredients of beer?" As it happens your friend would be right.

We didn't brew entirely without water, but we did brew without mains water for most of the day. Having recently moved to brewing five days a week we were not best pleased when a man came round to say our water supply would be cut off today, but at least we had some warning. We were able to fill up the Cold and Hot Liquor Tanks, as well as every other container we could find, before the water was switched off at 9.30 am. And though I did feel a cold sweat coming over me a few times it all worked out OK and we managed to get by until the mains supply returned in the afternoon.

As earlier in the week we'd got by with the electricity cut out to everything except the heating elements and the pumps we seem to be getting quite good at this minimalist brewing malarkey. I hope I don't have to make a habit of it though!

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