Monday, 18 July 2011

Brewing GCSE?

In these dark times when boozers are always being put upon I was pleased to hear some encouraging news last week. A kid we had in for work experience said he'd been taught brewing at school, and they'd even made some beer.

I thought he must have a cool teacher but it turns out it's part of the Biology GCSE curriculum. It sounds like an excellent way to make school more interesting to me, particularly as they got to drink the beer too.


  1. If this is what they're being taught it's a wonder they managed to produce beer at all: "Fermentation usually works best at around 37ºC. It is a slow process and several weeks or more are usually needed to produce an acceptable alcoholic drink ... The sugars for beer-making come from boiling barley in water."

  2. Crikey, Barm, that's poor isn't it? Shall we complain, or should we organise a tweet attack on BBC bitesize?

  3. Sounds like it's written by a microbiologist not a brewer to me. I wonder what the brewing A level is like?