Wednesday 30 May 2012

Boozing in Branscombe

I spent the weekend in Devon visiting the lovely Lisa's older sister and her partner. We managed to get in a drop or two whilst we were down there, taking in pubs in Colyton and the excellently named Beer.
But the high spot was without doubt a visit to Branscombe. The wonderfully old fashioned Fountain Head Inn impressed us so much we've made plans to come back in June for their beer festival.

I've been trying to use a mate's scientific pub scoring system to rate pubs but seeing as they had strawberry-pink china mugs hanging above the bar (which did indeed make me ridiculously over excited) I've used George Orwell's scoring system for this one:

Though to be honest I've had to look up Orwell's scoring systems and work out the scores when I got home so I just assumed they had Guinness on, didn't ask after tobacco, and I'm not entirely certain about the games situation.

After a couple at the Fountain Head we moved on to The Mason's Arms, another excellent pub, now owned by St Austell. There were six hand pumps, including a couple of guest beers, but I went straight for the Proper Job. The draught version has dropped to 4.5% ABV which makes it much more drinkable so I had a couple of those too.

It was great drinking outside in the sun. And being a hot weekend meant the drive home on Sunday with the car window stuck down wasn't half as bad as it could have been. I also saw a sign for Weyhill as I was coming back on the A303 so there may well be a detour after the next visit to Devon.


  1. Excellent spot on the mugs. Only other place I've seen them in a pub is at the Falkland Arms in Great Tew.

  2. I've got a similar list, but it has to include 'elderly, arthritic dog' (extra point if it had a former career chasing beermats).

  3. Wow. Not quite what I had thought they would look like. I was thinking of a patterned china for some reason.