Thursday, 31 May 2012

Musings about mild in May

I brewed a mild on the big kit for the first time this month, and it certainly generated more interest than any of the other seasonals/occasionals I've done. But it didn't sell quickly.
Is it a case of people who like mild really like mild, but there aren't many of them? Or is it that people running pubs don't buy mild 'cos they don't think it will sell? Would it have sold if they'd bought it?

Is it that being in Kent people prefer hoppy beers? Or is it that hoppy beers are the in thing at the moment?

I was out and proud with the beer calling it a "dark mild" and not trying to hide it. Should I have been sneaky? I'm not sure this would really have made a difference. Or maybe the heat wave put people off dark beer?

Dunno really. We brewed a couple of batches but I think that's it from us as far as mild goes until next May.


  1. Didn't manage to try your mild. I love mild on the whole, but it's a rare treat to see it, and rarer to find a good pint. I've luckily only had two iffy pints in the last few months, both unfortunately mild.

  2. We've still been delivering the mild to pubs this week so it should still be appearing on bars at the moment.