Wednesday 7 November 2012

Pete Brown on Shakespeare's Local

The lovely Lisa and I went to see noted beer historian Pete Brown give a talk on Monday night. Though it seems my description of him is no longer accurate, as he's now a noted pub historian too.

The do was at Windsor and Eton brewery, the back drop of shiny fermenters made a good setting, though I'm glad I wore my down jacket at it was bleedin' cold. Someone from the brewery was dishing out cask beer, though as I was driving I couldn't make the most of it. I was pleased to try the last of the W&E Jubilee beers "Canberra". A rich chestnut fruity beer made with Galaxy and Nelson Sauvin hops and maple syrup. W&E seem to have a policy of adding something a bit weird in each of their beers, though I'm beginning to suspect more for craft beer brownie points than any major effect on the flavour. Despite the freely available cask beer Pete Brown was drinking a bottle of Republica lager, a highly rated beer to some, but a sure sign of moral turpitude to me.

Pete Brown with his shiny new ibook

But enough of this nonsense, Pete was talking about his new book, Shakespeare's Local, a history of The George Inn in Borough. Like a good evening's chat at the pub the book touches on a number of important points, and then diverges off wildly when something else interesting crops up. Even the discussion on how old the pub is managed to draw in Trigger from Only Fools and Horses, Ancient Greeks, and The Sugar Babes amongst others. It all made sense at the time. A number of historical figures have drunk in, or at any rate near, the pub including of course Shakespeare, so it seems there's plenty of material.

The talk was very entertaining and some informative history too. I'm now slightly peeved with myself for making the lovely Lisa buy me the book for my birthday, as it means I can't read it yet! Oh well, not long now...


  1. Sounds like a good evening. I had an invite, but sadly, I had to be elsewhere.

    Never mind. The Egham frivolities are nearly upon us!

  2. Yes, it was very entertaining. I've dropped some beers off for Egham :-)

  3. Yes, I had a few little tasters [for quality control purposes, of course] a various beers, including the Stedman's this afternoon. Good stuff.
    The XT Beta is one to try...
    Hope to see you there.

  4. I was chatting to a woman from XT at Woking at one point. I want to know what the 'Flyer' tastes like though as I haven't tried any!