Monday 12 November 2012

The Demolished Man

It was Woking beer festival last night, a festival I can walk to and stagger back from. Disturbingly there were bouncers on the door and annoying there were wrist bands to wear. I don't know what's brought that on but I frown upon such practices.

Doomed for demolition

We got down there earlier than usual, which goes some way to explaining the urgent need for fried pork products this morning. The surge in brewery numbers finally seems to have reached Surrey, with a few more local wares on offer.

Tenser, said the Tensor
I made the most of the selection on offer, drinking 50 with my right hand and 50 with my left hand, and I didn't think it too many. Or at least it felt like that. Blond, brown, black, flavoured with ginger I drank them all. The lovely Lisa was more discriminating and though the selection a bit lacking, resorting to Ascot Ales Anastasia Imperial Stout (8% ABV) "to get some flavour". Fortunately she kept control and didn't do a Dan.

I caught up with friends old and new and the festivities seemed to end all too soon, which is a sure sign of a good night, and it was time to weave our way home.


  1. Bouncers, sorry I mean Door Operatives, seem to be a ubiquitous requirement now from the joyless nannies in our local councils and police forces. Wristbands too, probably for the organisers it's a way to show "due diligence" and fend off even sillier requirements from the H&S Jobsworths.

  2. They'll be insisting on electronic tagging next!

  3. Bouncers? Well I hear festival land is getting rougher.

  4. Presumably it's down to the council as the festival's been going for nearly 20 years without bouncers.