Monday 18 February 2013

Black smoke

I had a brief chat with a Wells and Young's brewing bod this evening and he had no idea when we'll be seeing Courage Imperial Russian Stout. He said a thousand cases were held back for the UK, but he doesn't know what's happened with them. The last he heard the marketing department were talking about putting the bottles in a tube.

I wish they'd pull their bleedin' finger out. It's been on sale in the US for ages, and it's even on sale in Ireland now, so quite how they can't manage to sell it in Britain is beyond me.


  1. What better way to push up price than manufacture scarcity. Eventually you’ll pay anything for it. Trade your children for a bottle.

  2. I'm afraid that does seem to be the case.

  3. Seems very strange behaviour to me. Cooking Lager might be correct in what he says about manufacturing scatcity, although there's probably a less cynival reason for holding these bottles back.