Saturday, 9 February 2013

Braithwaite based boozing and hill walking heroism

I've just had a cracking week's holiday in the Lakes. It started with the annual "Croyde of the North" trip where a load of my mates meet up in Braithwaite. The main event for the hardier souls was a walk around Coledale. Of the eight that started over half managed to finish, and none died (though some looked like they had).

We were boozing in the Royal Oak that night, which has the core range of Jennings beers, but at prices higher than I usually pay down South which gets a bit painful.

The next day was more relaxed, a stroll round Derwent Water, cunningly avoiding the boring bit by catching the boat,

 followed by a refreshing pint or three in the Dog and Gun.

We managed to shift the venue over to the Middle Ruddings for the evening. Having a mob arrive on a Sunday night initially took the bar staff by surprise, but they rallied well and installed us in their lounge. They serve local beers at more amenable prices, I went for Kirkby Lonsdale Monumental that night, though I also enjoyed Hardknott Continuum later in the week.

The food was good too.

After that it was just myself and the Lovely Lisa for the rest of the week. We started ticking Wainwrights, not because we're massive fans of his books (though they are fun), but because it's good to have a goal to work towards.

We ticked a few smaller peaks, and drank a few celebratory pints, including at the excellent Pheasant Inn.

Fuelled by Tunnocks wafers it seemed like nothing could stop us.

Note the Tunnocks specific rucksack

How cool is that?

 But disaster stuck when attempting the west face of Glaramara.

Only a few hundred meters from the summit worsening conditions caused the Tunnocks to freeze. Unable to eat our wafer based confectionery we had no option but to turn back. The descent was pretty harrowing too, as I nearly lost the sloe gin. And Lisa. But we got down in the end.

We strolled up Binsey the next day but that's probably it for us and hill walking until Easter. Plenty of beer to keep us going till then though, and perhaps a Tunnocks or two. 


  1. I was in the pub next door to the Tunnock’s factory last week. Lovely wee place. They only sell Deuchars and London Pride but it was in good nick.

  2. London Pride certainly gets around nowadays. Mind you, so does Deuchars. I once knew a Tunnock's heiress (vaguely, friend of a friend). She didn't come equipped with masses of free wafers or tea cakes sadly.

  3. A fine tour through ye olde lakes you indeed had taking in the finest viewing stations in the district. I sense, ne, I share, the pain you feel though when paying 'Lon-don towne' prices for a pint of ale 'up NORTH'.

    anyhow, relax-ne, rest steady, I can tell you all is now dark and quiet over ye far eastern fells as I gaze out of my study window sipping on a bottle of old dairy brewery 'red top', musing to myself - hmm, which fine artisan has mastered together this tasty
    brew? It is indeed fine for something so southern and soft!

    best tidings from Rod and P at and

  4. You can get beer cheaper from a lot of pubs in London than you can at the Royal Oak. Excellent pics Rod, we're probably next up for Easter to the hut in Langdale.