Monday, 14 April 2014

Almost Famous in Farnham

It was Farnham Beerex time for me again on Friday. I hadn't actually bothered to get tickets this year but as things turned out I ended up writing something for the programme on Farnham hops so I had to go. Fortunately I had no trouble getting a ticket on the door and getting my mitts on a copy of my parvum opus.

Slightly surprisingly I wasn't mobbed by fans after my autograph, it must have been due to English reserve.

As I started at about 7.30pm I paced myself and began with lower gravity beers. Having heard that the people at Surrey Hills prefer Ranmore to Shere Drop I gave it a go, but have to say Shere Drop is still the one for me.

As the evening progressed I tended towards darker beers, and beer of the festival for me was Dark Side of the Moose.

One for my friends from Kent
The beer range reduced dramatically towards the end of the night, but I wasn't too discerning by then so it wasn't much of a problem. In the traditional manner there was a folk band that played The Wild Rover and by then I'd enough beer inside me to no, nay, never with the best of them.

Mindful of the need to get the train home I poured myself  home at a respectable hour, safe in the knowledge I had black pudding waiting for me in the morning.


  1. Looks like an interesting crowd! haha
    Glad to hear that you have reached celebrity status.

  2. To be fair like at other beer festivals the crowd has got younger and more mixed, though not it seems in the main hall when the folk band's doing the Wild Rover!