Monday 7 April 2014

The greatest living Yorkshireman?

Welcome supplies arived from Yorkshire on Friday. My Uncle Ian was visiting and as is a long standing family tradition he'd brought down a load of proper pork pies for those of us that live in a deprived area. And on top of that he'd brought me a particularly expensive bottle of Sam Smith's beer. Could my own uncle be the greatest living Yorkshireman?

Sadly not, as such generosity would automatically disqualify him. Sorry Ian, but you know the rules:

See all, hear all, say nowt
Eat all, sup all, pay nowt
And it ever tha does owt for nowt allus do it for thisen 


  1. What did you think of the beer?

  2. Haven't tried the beer yet. Pies are good though.

  3. There were several pies :-)

    I guess I'll have to post something about the beer when I drink it.