Thursday, 31 July 2014

Slumming it with my siblings

I usually drink in the wholesome surroundings of Beer Street though I occasionally wander into more dubious territory. The last time was when my siblings decided they were going to have a gin and tonic challenge. As a professionally trained taster (and amateur piss head) I thought I’d slum it in Gin Lane with them. 

A selection of gins was assembled with bottles of Fever Tree tonic, as well as some cans of ready mixed gin and tonic. There was no definite consensus on the best, and the spicy nibbles we munched through weren’t ideal for serious tasting, but the ready mixed drinks generally fared worse than the do-it-yourself ones. 

The overall scores are here, but there was wide variation of scores amongst the different tasters so take them with a pinch of sale, or as we did copious quantities of nachos:

Brecon 13.8
Sipsmiths 13.0
Gordon's Ready mix elderflower 12.4
Bombay sapphire 12.2
Gordon's 12.0
SW4 London 11.8 
Gordo'ns Ready mix 10.4
Bloom premium 9.8
6 O'Clock 9.6
Gordon's Ready mix cucumber 9.6
Bloom Ready mix 6.6

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