Sunday, 6 July 2014

Barrels round

One thing that's always amazed me when looking at pictures of old breweries is the pyramids of wooden barrels. Stacked to an unfeasibly large height they must have been an impressive sight:

As I'm far too young to have seen that sort of thing I thought it was just another bit of history that had gone forever. I know some breweries still have wooden barrels but what with locator boards and fork lifts I doubted they were piled up in pyramids. I should have thought it through though. Breweries might not use wooden barrels much nowadays but distilleries certainly do. When looking up North British distillery I spied a picture of barrels piled up just like they were in 1911.

Bonded warehouse, Addiewell. (Richard Webb) / CC BY-SA 2.0

The picture's from 2005 but there must be a good chance they're still stacking them like this. Is it wrong to want to go to Scotland just to look at a pile of barrels?


  1. Not wrong at all, Ed.Sounds like a perfectly valid reason for a trip to me!

  2. Wise words Paul (clearly you're as bad as me!)