Sunday 10 May 2015

Gruut in Ghent

I've recently been on a research trip to Belgium. Though it did involve visiting several breweries and bars it was definitely a proper research trip as it was organised by the IBD.

Our first stop was Ghent, a lovely looking city.

We had a boat trip to the first brewery we were visiting which was a nice touch as it gave us great views.

The castle was built in the centre of the city, which suggests it was more to defend against the local population than foreign invaders. It's good to think the ruling class were scared though. Apparently the only time it was captured was by students in the 1940s protesting about a rise in beer prices. They dropped the portcullis and stayed for a three day piss up!

Look at the amazing blurry brick effect

We were calling in at the Gruut brewery, a place that specialises in making unhopped ales.

I had had some of their stuff before and not been overwhelmed by it.

Ahoy grutteteers!
The place was more a restaurant than a brewery, and the brew length can only have been a few hundred litres.

Nice and shiny though, they're keen on copper in Belgium.

Interesting beer mats too:

Check out the catoptric anamorphosis:

We didn't get any details of what they use to flavour the gruuts which was a bit disappointing. But they did tell us that they used hops in the Triple so I knew which one to pick when I got the choice.

After eating we checked out a couple of bars recommended by the excellent Belgian version of The Good Book. First was the Trappistenhuis. I started on a hoppy beer in here but sadly it had yeast bite so was not great. I may well have had something else too but I'd stopped taking notes at this point.

We wandered on to another bar...

... and ended up back where our boat trip had started by the Waterhuis and Bierkant.

Here's a picture I'd taken earlier
I went for a Goudenband here, which was great. I followed it with a Monsieur Rock, which was good but it seems had a touch of nitrogen added giving it a slight unpleasant nitrokeg texture. Sadly this was not to be the last time I encountered this diabolical practice. Then it was time for bed.

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