Saturday, 2 May 2015

May Day success

As our thoughts turn to our martyred dead and the struggle for the eight hour day our mother church decrees that it's also time to seek out mild. I'm not quite sure how this came about, and as five of the Haymarket Martyrs were murdered by the state* and five bottle conditioned beers remained when CAMRA was formed I think making it bottle conditioned beer month would make a nice symmetry. My May Day musings count for nought though, and as a mere beer blogger who am I to question the church's teachings? So the search for mild was on.

Unlike in previous years where I've gone the whole month without finding any mild the first pub I went into on International Workers' Day had a mild on. Success! And it was a 'Spoons so I could get 50p off.

The beer in question was Milestone Mild, and it was out and proud as a mild unlike many which have to be coy about their beer style. 

Delicious it was too. At 4% ABV it was on the strong side for a mild but no doubt the extra strength helped with the flavour so I'm not complaining. If I saw beers like this more often I would definitely drink more mild.

* I'm including Louis Lingg of course.

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  1. I really appreciate your thoughts on mild ale. I've been trying to introduce folks to milds as flavorful alternative to lighter "session" beers. Delicious 3.5%ABV ales can be made!!!