Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The road to Hells

Oh look, once again the term "craft beer" has been shown to be a load of hot air that goes straight out the window when cold hard cash is waved around. Camden Town Brewery, founder members of the stillborn United Craft Brewers, have decided that trousering a large cheque from the world's biggest brewer is more appealing that promoting craft brewing.

As I've said before "craft beer" is a term of no practical use. Well, unless you work in marketing. So stop worrying about a breweries size or share ownership, and ignore any guff about "passion". Reject the deceptions of false prophets. Go for beer without the bullshit. Or extraneous CO2. The church's teaching are clear: drink the one true living beer.


  1. I fancy a pint of the one true living beer right now!

  2. This was oh so predictable. How long will any of the larger, successful new-wave breweries remain independent? There's one sellout I'm particularly looking forward to.

  3. Can't think who you mean ;-)

  4. It's not too late for blog post title of the year

    1. Cheers! Sadly I was scraping the barrel to come up with content to put under it. Perhaps if I'd seen what the Camden Town bloke had previously said about industrial lager I'd have made a better job of it.