Monday 9 July 2018

A visit to Burning Sky brewery

As a warm up before the Brewery History Society AGM there was a visit to Burning Sky brewery. They don't normally do tours but Miles Jenner of Harvey's Brewery is our current president and he was able to organise it.

The brewery is based in a couple of barns.

The sky certainly was burning when we visited, though the name comes from a song by The Jam, one of Woking's finest exports*. Apparently the lyrics fitted with what was going on at Dark Star brewery, Burning Sky founder Mark Tranter's former employer.

It's a 15 barrel brewery...

...though it does have a few features that set it apart from the ordinary:

There's a hop rocket for dry hopping

And the mash tun is equipped with rakes for mixing when lambic style turbid mashes are made

There are foeders for maturing beer

A coolship for making lambic style beers

And wooden barrels filled with beer slowly fermenting away.

They do cask, keg and bottled beers.

We got to try a few of the bottles and I was particularly taken with Recusant, which has more than a touch of Orval about it. I'll definitely be getting more of it next time I see it.

* Don't listen to London imperialist Des De Moor when he tries to claim Paul Weller.


  1. Ha! London imperialists probably claim Kent as London, never mind Woking.
    At the outset those Burning Sky beers seemed sensational, when served in the top cask pubs. These days they get wider coverage but sometimes they have to compete with half a dozen beers in marginal cask outlets and seem a little less wonderful.

    That's how it goes with cask.

    retired martin

    1. Certainly everything inside the M25 seems to be considered London now.
      Burning Sky beers are indeed very good, Plateau is certainly superior to Hophead.

  2. "Apparently the lyrics fitted with what was going on at Dark Star"


    "Oh and by the way I must tell you
    Before I sign off, that I've got a meeting next week
    With the head of a big corporate
    I can't disclose who, but I'm sure you'll know it

    And the burning sky keeps burning bright
    And it won't turn off till it's had enough
    It's the greedy bastard who won't give up
    And you're just a dreamer if you don't realize
    And the sooner you do will be the better for you...


    1. He certainly knew what was happening.