Sunday, 29 July 2018

Carnivale Brettanomyces 2018

Back in 1911 (or was it only June?) I was at the Carnivale Brettanomyces in Amsterdam again. "A beer festival dedicated to Brettanomyces and other wild things" it fits in well with one of my beery obsessions.

Brettanomyces and other wild things
Taking place over several days and in several venues it's hard to judge the size of the festival but it seems to be bigger every time I go.

After Boak and Bailey flagged up the prices in Amsterdam I paid more attention to how much I was spending this time and sure enough some of the prices were outrageous.

I had to wince when I got a round in at Walhalla brewery. Thimblefuls of beer cost more than what I can get a pint for in my local.

This was four Euro's worth

Nice little brewery though:

As well as the general boozing there's also lots of events and a technical lecture programme. I did a talk on the many ways that people have come up with to make alcohol from starchy plants.

I should really write it up, but I've covered a lot of the stuff on the blog already: malting, home malting, beer brewing, sake production, and chicha de muko. I also touched on acid hydrolysis and the use of exogenous enzymes to complete the set.

I also managed to get to a few lectures myself, though not as many as I'd planned, what with the networking to be done.

I really should write them up too.

Maybe one day.

The lectures were recorded so should be available online soon.

I had a wonderful time at the festival and I'm looking forward to the next one.


  1. I'll remember not to take Dolores to Walhalla.

    1. Don't think I'll be rushing back either.