Saturday, 6 November 2021

Beer, beer, we want more beer

 I can get a lot of free beer from work. But does this mean I'm not interested in being sent more? Nay, nay and thrice nay! Unlike the petty bourgeois brewers whinging about beer tax being reduced I take the proletarian position that beer should be made freely available to all. Even if I don't drink it myself I can always find a fellow worker grateful for a prefigurative pint!

So when Haacht brewery offered me some beer there could be only one answer. I was slightly concerned when the box arrived though: only four beers. And one of them was a lager. Still, as they had come for free I couldn't grumble too much. 

As it turned out, I actually liked the lager. 

A bit sweet, but still crisp and without any unpleasant vegetable aromas, a surprisingly good start from Haacht. 

The Super 8 IPA was what you'd expect from a Belgian IPA. Let's just say it wouldn't be winning any games of frogger. 

The spicy Super 8 Flandrien was more on the ball, though again I'd have preferred it if they'd cranked it up a bit ...

... which I also thought about the Tongerlo Brown, a pleasant enough dubbel which left me looking for a tripel. 

All of Haacht's offerings went down easily enough but seemed a bit restrained to me. Does this mean I'm turning craftie?

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