Sunday, 14 November 2021

Horror in Hackney Wick

The Beer Merchants Tap is not the place for me. Having an open plan industrial look and a single hand pump shows it's a craft beer bar and therefore not really designed for a #PubMan like myself. I took it on the chin though. I try not to get upset about such things nowadays. And the Best from Beak Brewery in Lewes was perfectly fine, thought it's no Harvey's. 

Look at the long bar

However, when my friends had arrived and I went to get a round in my carefully controlled calm demeanour was shattered. My mate pointed out to me the horror of what was happening: "they're queueing" he said. I could not believe my ears. "You don't queue in pubs!" I replied. But looking round I saw that what he said was true. People lining up despite the length of the bar. Is this what the world has come to? In the country god chose to bring beer to perfection in people are now abandoning our beer culture and traditions. I know it's a bleedin' bar but pub rules still apply, so it shouldn't be treated like a grocery shop!

The horror, the horror

I did of course join the queue. I'm British after all. But fortunately my mate got served without having to queue so the shame and ignominy was short lived. 


  1. Honestly! What sort of cad queues in a pub? It'll be table service next.

    1. And some of these wrong 'uns would like it!