Thursday 22 December 2022

Brewers Congress 2022

The Brewers Congress at a new venue in London this year. It was better for the stalls but not as good for the talks. I also heard they ended the posh dinner evening a lot earlier so all the speakers didn't look completely hung over this time. The talks still started late though so they were rattled through at a brisk pace. 

First up was Rudi Ghequire from Rodenbach brewery. My extensive notes tell me: 

Acetic acid to ethyl acetate
Centrifuges not filtered
Classic pH3.5. Grand 3.3

Then it was Jaime Jurado to talk about CO2. I took no notes at all but I did try and get a picture of every slide. CO2 prices have gone up massively and we've got a new CO2 recovery unit at work so this talk was of particular interest to me. 

Then Dawn Maskell from Heriot-Watt talked about an unfilterable haze, though rather unfashionably about how they'd identified and helped prevent it. Perhaps the haze additive commercial spin off will follow next. 

My notes and pictures seem to have died a death after this so no doubt I'd moved on to the networking

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