Saturday 31 December 2022

Golden Pints 2022

This morning dew, don't it take like wine to you

In this brand-new world so brave and true.

This golden pint is gleaming like it's just been born

In a brave new world, a brave new world ... out of the blue

Pic from B&B

Best UK Cask Beer:

It's Thurston's Horsell Hop, their green hop beer, that wins this year. Outstanding stuff!

Best UK Keg Beer:

There have been a few occasions this year where I've had to suckle at the devil's drainpipe. Can I remember any as standing out? No, I cannot. My slackness with the blogging doesn't help either. I went to Curious and had a session lager there. Went to Beavertown too but they're tossers. And I was back on the Bermondsey beer mile at one point too. Oh, I know, Hiver Fabal! It's one of mine so definitely that. 

Best UK Bottled Beer:

I did get given a case for xmas, which shot it to the top of the rankings: Ridgeway Very Bad Elf.

Best UK Canned Beer:

I canned beer for the first time this year which was all very exciting. It was Hepworths Charger so that. 

Best Overseas Draught:

I did get overseas this year, back to the wonderful Carnivale Brettanomyces, though in Belgium this year. It was based at Misery brewery. Can I remember what I drank there? No. But I did have some of Misery's so them. 

Best Overseas Bottled Beer:

I've had a few oversea's bottled beers. And recently too. Which ones though? Ooo...Orval featured so that's a safe choice. 

Best Overseas Canned Beer:

Did I drink any overseas canned beer? Possibly. Can I remember any? Definitely no. 

Best Collaboration brew:

Can't think of any.

Best Overall Beer:

Horsell Hop.

Best Branding:

Thurstons as usual. 

Best UK Brewery:

And it's Thurstons again. 

Best Overseas Brewery: 

That'll have to be Orval.

Best New Brewery Opening 2022:

No idea.

Pub/Bar of the Year:

The Crown of course. 

Best New Pub/Bar Opening 2022:

No idea for that either. 

Beer Festival of the Year:

The GBBF was back! Hurrah!

Supermarket of the Year:

I've barely bought any beer from supermarkets but Booths was the best. 

Independent Retailer of the Year:

The shop at the Hogs Back brewery. 

Online Retailer of the Year:

Not bought any online beer this year.

Best Beer Book or Magazine:

Hmmm...I did fairly well at reading this year. But what beery books? Drinking Up the Revolution has a great title but is a bit of a curate's egg and the author is a Bolshie so he's not winning unless he apologises for Kronstadt. Oooo yes...the CAMRA book that was good: Laura Hadland 50 Years of CAMRA.

Best Blog or Website

Blogs still seem to be on the way down but Boak and Bailey soldier on regardless so them. 

Simon Johnson Award for Best Beer Twitterer:

Will it still be around next year? What a plonker that oligarch is. Anyway, this year I'm going with @jamesksowerby

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