Saturday 16 May 2009

1750 Porter

I recently gave a bottle of strong porter I made last year to my brother in law. When asked what he thought of it he replied: "this beer's stockings!". A slightly unusual response it must be said. Apparently he meant to say the beer was shockingly strong. He wasn't wrong either, and to be fair he was half way through the bottle by then.

The recipe was based on the 1750 porter in the first edition of the Durden Park Beer Circle's Old British Beers and How to Make Them. It's not one of their most historically accurate recipes and the malt we get nowadays isn't like the malt they had back then. It is though, as they say: "black, strong, bitter, nutritious and good". 

I used 7kg pale malt
1kg brown malt
1kg crystal malt
500g black malt
with 200g of goldings hops at the start of the boil.

The O.g. is listed in my notebook as being 1.080 which seems a little low, maybe my mash efficiency was off that day, or maybe it was my own efficiency at reading the hydrometer. Either way, as can be seen from the reaction, it's not short on alcohol.

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