Sunday 31 May 2009

Fun, fun fun in the sun, sun, sun

Not that I want to lie ship wrecked and comatose drinking fresh mango juice. Or have goldfish shoals nibbing at my toes for that matter.

No, as I've made clear before when I get shipwrecked I want beer. Not that I got shipwrecked this weekend but the sun was out so it was time for fun. To be more specific it was time to get to some beer gardens and drink some beer.

On Friday evening I strolled down the canal to the Rowbarge with the lovely Lisa for a pint of pride. The place was packed out so we only stayed for one before heading home for some home brew.

I thought pubs must all make a killing as soon as the sun comes out but on Saturday at the Cricketers in Horsell I was proved wrong. This is a big pub with a large garden but despite the sunny weather it was practically empty. It really is a hard time for pubs at the moment. Mind you at this pub the prices (£3.30 for a pint of pride here) might have put off boozers less dedicated than the lovely Lisa and me. 

The Cricketers in Horsell

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