Tuesday 5 May 2009

The Volunteer, Sutton Abinger

After our bank holiday walk me and the lovely Lisa had some more refreshment in the Volunteer. This pub's an old favourite of Lisa's but we were a bit put off last time we visited as they'd covered the walls with tin foil. I've no idea why. It looked more normal this time. 

It's now owned by Hall and Woodhouse, a brewery I've never been particularly keen on. We had their Hopping Hare, a beer that I know is dry hopped with my current favourite hop Styrian goldings. Sadly the beer still had the distinctive, and to me unpleasant, taste of badgers beers so a bit of a disappointment really.

There was a giant chess set outside but I wasn't tempted to play. I'm not fond of things in pubs that distract from the drinking and chatting.

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  1. Weird, I found the malt highlights of Hopping Hare really moreish. I enjoyed the floral notes from the super styrians.

    I also think chess is a good game for the pub, but better when it can sit on the desk next to your pint. Not that I've ever played in the pub, but have seen it played.