Thursday 2 July 2009

Buy Thomas Hardy Ale Now!

Having watched an entertaining contender style business program on Channel 4 about two breweries (Itchen Valley and O'Hanlons) an important message came across: STOCK UP ON THOMAS HARDY ALE NOW!

The classic Eldridge Pope beer that O'Hanlons revived was revealed as a loss maker the new boss wanted to get rid of. So if you want to try it the time is now!

I find it a bit sweet and syrupy myself but if you haven't already tried it its place in British brewing history means you really should while you can. The last bottle I had I used in a Birra misu but being used in cooking isn't really an ideal fate for beer.


  1. Very rerely do I come across crefted beer I dont like but on this one Ed I do agree with you, Hardys Ale is rather syrupy and not a favorate. In fact last time I tried it (Xmas day 2004 I recall) I remember commenting that it tasted allot like how I'd imagine industrial strength floor cleaner to taste like. Mind you all the ones I'v tried were young, I have yet to sample a dated vintage.

  2. I don't thing British brewers are very good a strong beers, thought I'm looking forward to trying the new Tokyo from Brewdog.