Saturday 4 July 2009

The Jolly Farmer, Worplesdon

After surviving the horrors of shopping at Argos it was definitely time for a beer. We called in at the Jolly Farmer in Worplesdon. It has a good beer garden and serves a great pint of pride, thought this time the lovely Lisa had a Seafarers. We were hoping that by some miracle they might have the excellent Fuller's IPA on but the manager had never even heard of it. He explained that this pub is now restricted to the core range of Fuller's beers and no longer gets the seasonals. Slightly oddly he also explained that he has to have Fuller's branded beers out numbering the Gale's so the HSB was going to be replaced by Discovery. It seems a bit bizarre to me as the beers all come from the same brewery but no doubt it makes sense to the Fuller's marketing department.


  1. Did they have Chiswick on? I used to like that when I lived in London.

  2. No, you don't see Chiswick very often and as Seafarer at 3.8% is now a permenant beer it will probably be around even less.

  3. I drink at the Jolly and HSB is still on, as is Discovery. No sign of Seafarers such a shame as it was a cracking pint. Chiswick has never been to my taste. The London Pride here is the best I have tasted.