Thursday 2 July 2009


Last night I tried out a drink I've been meaning to have for some time: Pedirodg.

First take a bottle of Marston's Pedigree.

Then take a bottle of Owd Rodger.

Find a big glass and pour them in.

Bingo! The Pedirodg.

This is a combination I heard about when chatting to someone who used to work for Marston's. I'd said that I didn't think British brewers did strong beers too well as they always tended to get syrupy as they got stronger. He said the practice at Marston's was to mix Pedigree and Owd Rodger to make the Pedirodg.

I have to say it was better than either of the beers individually. The Pedigree was pretty bland apart from the sulphurousness of the Burton snatch and the Owd Rodger was too sweet and syrupy. When mixed together they made a strong dark beer of 6.3% ABV that certainly did the trick when drunk in litre at a time.

I wasn't actually as good as similar strength dark beers like Adnam's Broadside or Greene King Strong Suffolk but it was interesting all the same.

Next I need to try the London Pride and Golden Pride mix that I heard about from someone at Fullers ...


  1. Years ago they made a beer I believe called SPA, aka Special Pale Ale that was great. I believe it was 6.2% abv.

    Did you read the exchange between Hess and I? John Clarke tried to lay waste to me, but I shot back a verbal arsenal of pure venom.

  2. Not caught up with that yet, I'll check it out when tomorrow.