Monday 1 February 2010

Rare pleasures in the lakes

I was up in the lake district for more excitement this weekend. Dusting off an old copy of  The Dentist's Guide to Hens Teeth, also known as Winter Climbs in the Lake District I managed to catch what looks like the end of the routes being in winter condition and heroically battle my way up a couple of grade I snow plods. Touching the Void it was not but you can't help but have fun when you get to swing your ice axes. 
I also managed to take in The Golden Rule in Ambleside, a pub that to my shame I'd never been in before despite the frequency with which I'm up that way. 

It's an great pub, that looks just like a pub should. On the downside the brewery is Robinsons, which is not one of my favourites. I will definitely be back but I don't think it will become a regular stop like the Watermill at Ings has. 

The beer highlight of the trip came thanks to Booths. I popped in hoping that their excellent beer selection would include some Worthington's White Shield as since reading Hops and Glory both myself and the lovely Lisa have had a thirst for it. Sadly it was not to be but I did manage to stock up on Coniston Old Man, York Guzzler, Daleside Morocco Ale and a favourite of mine I wasn't expecting Brooklyn Chocolate Stout.

As I take the current fashion for health scares about alcohol very seriously I shall have a sip only out of each of these bottles before disposing of the rest of the contents in a government approved waste dump. You can't be too careful you know. 


  1. booths quite often has a great selection, im also a big fan of open all hours in keswick..they get some real crackers in there.

    never been to the watermill but have had a few of their ales in bottles, keep meaning to visit their on the way home one time..

  2. Come on Ed! You know they say drinking causes damage you can't see! (So does pork product but no warning ads on eating too many pies yet.)
    How's Kent?

  3. BR Andy: I was at the Windermere Booths this time so didn't get to do the trek up to Open All Hours. We usually stop for a pint at the Watermill on the way in, by time we're leaving we're ready to detox!

    Beth: The job in Kent is great, are you going to COTN?