Wednesday 17 February 2010

Doppelbock? Demi-bock more like!

I was excited to see that Cain's doppelbock is out on draught this month. I sought it out when it first came out in bottle and it's 8% ABV syrupy delights well worth the search. The cask version is a poxy 4.5% ABV which I'm sure my fellow beer nerds will agree doesn't even make it a bock, let alone a dopelbock. Pah, I won't be seeking this one out. 


  1. Bock bock, in the chicken sense rather than double bock, I'd say. Echt nicht witzig!

  2. I tried (& spent the evening fecking pouring!) the 8% cask version at the Liverpool Beerfest launch a few years back - flat as the proverbial witch's, syrupy and cloying beyond belief, with a smack of alcohol to finish you off - just vile.

    The pasteurised bottled version by comparison (still available?) was a cracker - it seemed to have been brewed out a bit more, so was less sugary, the alco was somehow balanced by the other flavours & the CO2 really pepped the whole beer up - very stylish.

  3. Maybe not having the 8% version on cask isn't such a bad thing after all then! The bottled version was still around when I was last in Booths.