Saturday 6 February 2010

Lead the charge!

Fuller's seem to be revamping their IPA, bringing out Bengal Lancer at 5% ABV this month. The lovely Lisa and I* will be charging up to London to skewer some. Or some other contrived lancer guff, maybe: our thirst is growing like a boil that needs lancing so we're charging off for some IPA? No, that's even worse. Anyway we're going to find some and we're going to drink it.

We're looking forward to this as we missed out on Fuller's excellent 4.8% ABV IPA on draught when it was last out, though the reappearance of the bottled version at 5.3% ABV has been some consolation. The Bengal Lancer will also be available in bottle at 5.3% ABV so we're guessing they're the same thing, and we will conduct a carefully controlled scientific experiment to investigate this. 

*Apparently 'Me and the lovely Lisa' would be grammatically incorrect. It's strange the things you can learn working as a brewer.


  1. Looks cool - I've never tried this one, Hope some wends its way up here.

  2. Spotted this in London the other day (when I remember where I'll let you know!) but I opted for a Brunel IPA from Butcombe's instead.

    I'm not sure about the colonial theme for the branding, jingoistic or heritage marketing???

  3. Leigh - you might find it in bottle, it's due to hit the supermarkets next month.

    Mark - Yes, the picture is a bit 'camp coffee' isn't it? We thought they might be going for the British colonial look on the back of Hops and Glory.

  4. i tell you - British colonial is back!! Mark my words, it'll be everywhere during the summer.