Tuesday 27 July 2010

Christmas came early today

Brewing Santa has been looking after me today. First we had an unexpected delivery of 50 new plastic casks. The were definitely addressed to us, and the banding was ours, but we certainly hadn't ordered any. Closer inspection showed they had the same serial numbers as the other plastic casks we've bought, but with an added metal band around the bung hole. 

We can only assume we've been given a free upgrade to the latest version. I'm a bit wary of contracting the company that manufactures them in case it's all been a terrible mistake and they want them back. 

Then in the afternoon a very nice man from Jim's emailed me his brewery's HACCP documents. Having these to work from will save me countless hours of tedium.

Thanks brewing Santa! I'll be sure to leave a pint and a packet of pork scatching out for you on Christmas eve. 


  1. Great stuff.

    More proof, were it needed, that brewers are always more than willing to help each other out. :)


  2. Not good for serving by gravity though.