Friday 23 July 2010

Exclusive news!

Ed's Beer Site can announce a world exclusive on the latest beer from Brewdog called Selling your own granny. Here's the press release:

‘This 66% ABV beer should be drunk in small servings whilst spouting nonsense based on half digested theories you don’t really understand. As Orwell didn’t say “During times of inane drivel, telling inane drivel becomes a revolutionary act”
Once again at Brewdog we’ve gone so far we’ve come back. Fighting against the tide of bland corporate beer you can actually afford we bring you beer you can’t afford with a gimmick you wouldn’t want.

Selling your own granny: the name drives from the fact that at Brewdog we’d sell our own grannies if we thought it would generate publicity. Our team of skilled taxidermists have stuffed Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle and rammed a giant bottled of 66% ABV quintuple IPA up her arse. Made with insane amounts of hops and infused with clootie dumplings and the finest Fraserburgh smack this pushes the limits of what constitutes beer. Only one bottle has been made which can be yours, complete with a certificate of authenticity, for £1000.

In true Brewdog fashion we’ve torn up convention, blurred boundaries and used student humour. This beer is an audacious blend of eccentricity, artistry and the sort of bright ideas you get from people who have “you don’t have to be mad to work here but it helps” signs above their desk. Brewdog: Selling your own granny.'


  1. Now you have given them more ideas....

  2. Has Dredge bought a bottle yet?

  3. I first read that as"inane amount of hops"

  4. Meer: I'm sure they've still got more to do with this one as one of their stuffed animals is still unaccounted for.

    Jeff: I think I'd been inane enough already with that!