Monday 26 July 2010

Straight outta Compton

No, not that Compton. I mean the village near Guildford. After Saturday turned into a hungover washout the lovely Lisa and I decided we needed to go for a healthy walk on Sunday. We wandered through graveyards, fields and woods and must have gone well over two miles before we came to the first pub, the Withies Inn

It turned out to be the poshest pub I've ever been in. As it was a nice day most people were outside and waiters wearing waistcoats were scurrying round attending to them. I feared for the health of my wallet when we hit the bar but at £3.10 for a very nice pint of Adnams bitter it could have been worse. 

We also headed outside where the unusual umbrellas on some of the tables caught my eye. Looking closer I saw what was strange about them: they were advertising champagne.

This Compton was a bit different from the one NWA were singing about. 


  1. You can get cheaper but over £3 a pint is quite common round here.

  2. Linking NWA and Guildford we have