Friday 8 April 2011

Beer bloggers conference agenda announced

The ad-hoc grassroots organising committee has fulfilled its mandate and produced an agenda for the European beer bloggers conference:

"Conference to be held May 20-22 in London.

•Our talks and speakers range from "History of Brewing in London with Peter Haydon from Meantime Brewing" to "Shaking up the Brewing Scene with Martin Dickie from BrewDog" to "Do’s and Don’ts of Beer Blogging with Pete Brown, Mark Fletcher, & Melissa Cole".

•We have beer-oriented educational sessions including "Identifying Flavours and Off Flavours in Beer with FlavorActiV", "Beer and Food Pairing with The Beer Academy", and "The Effect of Ingredients on Beer Flavour with Fuller’s".

•You will experience beer tasting sessions including Live Beer Blogging and the Night of Many Beers. You'll have the opportunity to taste beers from upwards of 20 UK and international breweries over the weekend including Budvar, Adnam's, Shepherd Neame, BrewDog, Wells and Young's, Abbey St. Martin, Pilsner Urquell, Camden Town, Williams Brothers, Rogue Brewery, and many more.

•Two beer-pairing dinners are included. For blog posts summarizing the content and beers of the conference, please see: "

In the main the talks and the breweries don't really excite me so I've decided it's not for me.

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