Friday 1 April 2011

Designing a beer

Working as a brewer I sometimes get asked how I come up with the recipes for new beers. So here's how I designed our stout:

First there was the extensive field research into existing beers of that style to see what sort of taste I'm after.

Then I used my detailed knowledge and extensive training on the materials used in making beer to have a brain storming session on which ingredients to use :

Next I reviewed the brewing literature:

Then I performed a series of complex calculations regarding the strength, bitterness and colour:

After that it was time to give it a go. And there you have it:



  1. As if Cooking Lager would pay 35p for a book from a charity shop!

  2. If you're shooting for Guinness then roasted barley rather than black malt would be better. Black malt would make it far too interesting. Not like Guinness at all...

  3. This was my post for April 1st, I'm not a fan of Guinness either.