Monday 25 April 2011

Egham beer festival Spring 2011

I call in for a swift half at the latest Egham beer festival on Friday. Despite it being just after 11 am the place was starting to fill up with eager drinkers. Egham beer festival has established itself as a real tickers festival, with the organisers going to great lengths to get new beers.

This is fine by me as it gives us a chance to brew something different, and it's fine with the punters as it gives them new beers to tick. This is the only beer festival where I've seen people putting beers into plastic bottles to drink later, which is taking the whole beer nerd thing a bit too far for my taste.

But then again, who am I to pass judgement on other peoples hobbies? I was about to drive hundreds of miles so I could risk my life climbing rocky outcrops.


  1. That's The Crown right? I used to live in Egham as a child and have had many pints in The Crown since returning on occasion. I meant to make it over for the festival but never have.

  2. It's the Egham United Services Club, a beer oasis.