Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Green hops are go!

We made the first beer for the Kent Green Hops Beer festival today. I picked up an unseemly amount of fresh Early Choice "Goldings" this morning from Clive Edmed's hop garden in Horsmonden.

Simply Hops people sorting out the hops
As green hops still contain a lot of moisture you really do need lots of them.

Look at the beauties
By the time I got to work the brew was well underway which left only the challenge of how to get so many hops in the copper.

It took all three brewers and a cunningly fashioned hop slide but I think we achieved our goal with a reasonable degree of efficiency. Now I've got to wait days for the yeast to do its work. Green hop beer has been compared to beaujolais but some things just can't be rushed.

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