Sunday 12 August 2012

The Cricketers, Pirbright

Taking advantage of it being Summer this weekend the lovely Lisa and I set off on a cycle ride down the Basingstoke canal.

 Obviously we didn't want to go too far, as by all accounts allegedly Basingstoke is a shit hole, so we detoured to Pirbright in search of some refreshment. There were a few pubs to chose from but as The Cricketers still has a big sign advertising Ind Coope Burton Ale I steered us in that direction.

I haven't been to this pub in many years having been barred in my youth. It was no fault of my own you understand, being a mass barring brought about by one of my friends making clear her exact thoughts about the woman behind the bar that had refused to serve her tap water.

Sadly Burton wasn't on, but the Pride was in good form which was some compensation. The landlord was friendly, and we liked this pub so may have to get on the bikes more often.


  1. Not really very relevant, but I remember having a drink in the White Hart in Pirbright in 1982 on the night following the Falklands invasion.

  2. The White Hart is still there, though it's more of a restaurant now.