Wednesday, 22 August 2012

What a day on the radio: Hawkwind, Hops and IPA

What a day it was on the radio yesterday, surely the finest since 1911. 

On Radio 2 in the morning Dave Brock, the leading light of the Hawkwind, the world's greatest band, was interviewed by Chris Evans.

This was followed by organic hop grower Jody Schecketer. Sadly he was there about something to do with cars, but never mind, I did once see him give a talk at his organic hop farm.

Then on the way home there was a piece on IPA made in India. It seems next time I see IPA called Indian Pale Ale that may well be correct. The item (starts at 48:34) did follow the charter or old tradition or something that all items on IPA must get some facts wrong, but you can't have everything.


  1. Yes, I even went on a guided tour of Brentford lead by him once!

  2. Gutted! Missed the Dave Brock interview.

  3. BBC Radio 2 podcast [6mb]...

    Hawkwind and Jody Scheckter, 21 AUG 12