Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Beer and Baked Apples

Lambswool is an odd name for a drink. But then considering it's made from warm beer, spices, and baked apple it is slightly odd.

I've had a tab for a recipe open on my browser for some time, but I can't remember where I saw the link. Fortunately I clicked on the tab the other day, as my sainted mother had only recently dropped off some baking apples and this gave me a good use for them.

It's a big drink for New Years Eve and wassailing apparently but I couldn't wait as the apples will probably be  mouldy but then, and anyway my parent weren't closely related.

Being such an odd mix, beer and baked apple in a drink, I was decidedly dubious as to how it would turn out but it worked surprisingly well. I could detect some strange tang though, I'm not sure if it was the unpleasant taste I usually get when I try mulled ale or if the beer was on the turn as I'd only risked a bottle from the back of the cupboard.  I enjoyed it enough to think it's worth trying again, but next time with fresh beer.


  1. Glad it tasted better than it looked!

    Mulled beer isn't too bad I find but you have to be careful with the cloves which I find can really overpower the drink.

  2. Thanks for the tip, I'll be careful with the cloves next time I try mulled ale. What sort of beer do you recommend?