Monday, 30 September 2013

Bricklayer's Arms Wiltshire Beer Festival

It was back to the Bricklayer's on Saturday for the Wiltshire beer festival. We were staying with the dark side, and though it limited our  selection I don't think we missed out at all as we found some beauties.

Unusually for a beer festival there was a drinking convergence amongst us, and thanks to a lucky early strike by the lovely Lisa it was on Plain Ales that we converged. Their porter was on great form so seeing they had a stout on as well it was an obvious next choice. That it was one of the few beers on hand pump was even better as it certainly had better condition than any of the other beers we tried so that was our beer for the rest of the day.

There was a good mix of people at the festival, including some bearded youths. I wondered if these could be the fabled hipsters, but sadly I was unable to differentiate an ironic beard from a normal one so couldn't say for certain. There were drinking cask beer not craft keg though so probably not anyway. We were also definitely in a pub, not a craft beer bar, conclusive proof being that the food was pasties for four quid, not scotch eggs for five.

Which was just as well as the tapas place we normally shuffle off to has been changed into something called 'the toy shop', which is not the sort of place I want to eat at. Eating at the pub meant we didn't have our usual pause to get food so it was time to shuffle on earlier than usual. This lead to us being back home, having a cup of tea, and being in bed by 10. I really am getting old.

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