Thursday 19 September 2013

Heritage Open Day 2013.

We went to Guildford on Saturday to take advantage of the Heritage Open Day. This year we started at the George Abbot Hospital, a grade one listed old peoples home.

It came complete with some grade one listed old people:

It also had some stained glass that were thought to have come from Guildford Friary, on the site of which is now a shopping centre and in between there was a sizeable brewery there for a century or so.

Then it was on to Shalford Mill

Last working in 1914, in some ways it reminded me of the Hook Norton brewery which I'd been to earlier in the week.

Particularly the milll stones, though some of the cogs at Hook Norton were wooden too.

We got to have a peek at the "secret" head quarters of the mysterious Ferguson's Gang but couldn't actually go in the room as the building insurance didn't extend to that room.

The it was time for some liquid heritage, so we called in at the White House. ESB was the order of the day, and it seems chalices are out and tankards are in.

The beer was great but the pub was noisy so we moved on and spying the George Abbot over the road thought it seemed appropriate. Sadly they'd cranked the telly volume right up so it was even noisier, and after the delights of ESB the Abbot came a poor second. I mean I quite like a bit of diacetyl but this was really too much. So with that we went home and started on the Sainsbury's selection...

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