Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Hardknott are ahead of the curve

Scant days after Hardknott Brewery's shocking craft apostasy I've now seen that their decision was in fact timely.  

In the local Waitrose beef and craft ale pies are now on sale

Clearly all cred is gone and it is indeed time for a new term.


  1. What's really interesting is that this is a new image for an old product - Pieminister Web site still describes it as a "British beef steak and real ale" pie. Clearly 'craft' has gone mainstream (and lost any meaning it still had).

  2. That was going to be my next post! Depending on your preference either: a. craft beer has definitely arrived as a real thing or b. craft beer is confirmed as a meaningless marketing term.

  3. Our client would contend that your use of the phrase "shocking craft apostasy" infringes his copyright in the phrase "HardknottDave's shock Craft apostasy" and we therefore request and require that you should cease and desist, and give over and stop, using it.

    Illegible Signature
    pp. Sue, Grabbit and Run

  4. It's a fair cop, as soon as I've got the house sold the cheque will be in the post.